Duygu Daniels

Duygu Daniels, Sr. Designer & Strategist for Computer Vision Software

A selection of design work for pre-seed startups & small businesses

Design   ✧   Art Direction   ✧   Branding   ✧   Creative Copy



 Papermotion hired me to determine their brand name and identity, to art direct their visuals including photography and videography, to design their hardware graphics (an embedded video player) and to create their e-commerce site.


B L O O M    T A L E N T

  I collaborated with Amanda Christoff, founder and CEO of this San Francisco-based talent agency, to create a website that communicates what makes Bloom Talent so special: their hands-on approach and meticulously tailored service. On projects ranging from style guides to printed collateral, we continue to join forces as the agency grows.


G H I R A R D E L L I    S Q .

Jamestown's property Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco needed a fresh new website to encourage visitors to check out their growing list of vendors and experiences.


H E A V E N L Y   W E L L

Healer and acupuncturist Bart Beckermann and I collaborated to make it easy for his patients to learn more about the different types of services he offers and to easily book a session in his Manhattan or Brooklyn locations.


G E A R   U P

After a decade as the CEO of, Kent Anderson began offering his extensive experience as a consultant. For his consulting service Gear Up, I designed a simple and elegant website for those interested in learning more and contacting him.

gear up.gif

A L R I G H T   S A T E L L I T E

In less than 12 hours, working with 4 team members, I helped create the AR/VR mixed reality experience "Alright Satellite," a tool for K-12 education. We won 1st prize at Hearst Media's VR- themed hackathon and presented to Hearst executives including CTO Phil Wiser during their inaugural Emerging Tech Huddle event, called “Why Media Companies Should Pay Attention to AR/VR”.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 4.30.09 PM.png

In addition to doing graphic work, I conducted the necessary research for AR/VR usage in K-12 education, laid out a detailed roadmap with a timeline & monetization strategy and designed the pitch deck for the Hearst presentations.