Duygu Daniels

Duygu Daniels, Sr. Designer & Strategist for Computer Vision Software

I love helping businesses with their product & service design challenges. Below you can find a selection of talent I've had the honor of working with.

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B L O O M    T A L E N T

  I collaborated with Amanda Christoff, founder and CEO of this San Francisco-based talent agency, to create a website that communicates what makes Bloom Talent so special: their hands-on approach and meticulously tailored service. On projects ranging from style guides to printed collateral, we continue to join forces as the agency grows.


G H I R A R D E L L I    S Q .

Jamestown's property Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco needed a fresh new website to encourage visitors to check out their growing list of vendors and experiences.


H E A V E N L Y   W E L L

Healer and acupuncturist Bart Beckermann and I collaborated to make it easy for his patients to learn more about the different types of services he offers and to easily book a session in his Manhattan or Brooklyn locations.


G E A R   U P

After a decade as the CEO of, Kent Anderson began offering his extensive experience as a consultant. For his consulting service Gear Up, I designed a simple and elegant website for those interested in learning more and contacting him.

gear up.gif

A L R I G H T   S A T E L L I T E

In less than 12 hours, working with 4 team members, I helped create the AR/VR mixed reality experience "Alright Satellite," a tool for K-12 education. We won 1st prize at Hearst Media's VR- themed hackathon and presented to Hearst executives including CTO Phil Wiser during their inaugural Emerging Tech Huddle event, called “Why Media Companies Should Pay Attention to AR/VR”.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 4.30.09 PM.png

In addition to doing graphic work, I conducted the necessary research for AR/VR usage in K-12 education, laid out a detailed roadmap with a timeline & monetization strategy and designed the pitch deck for the Hearst presentations.