Duygu Daniels

Duygu Daniels, Sr. Designer & Strategist for Computer Vision Software

One easy-to-digest health tip a day.

After losing my mother to cancer at age 19, I took a serious interest in health & wellness. I began what would be a decade of research dedicated to discovering the elements that contribute to our health. I wanted to build a way for people to easily share life-changing information found in expert journals and blog posts, and I wanted it to be in an easy to digest and easy to recall fashion. Then Hips & Tips was born . . .



experience design

interface design








First we experimented by building the MVP as a web app. Afterwards we decided to build an iOS app. Finally, after significant research and testing, along with the industry research that majority of US consumers download zero apps per month, we decided to pivot to an –at the time less-common format– the newsletter.



hips & tips served one fresh tip a day from experts, enthusiasts and grandmas. I designed the layout to include a daily poll tied to the tip, results from the previous day's poll, and plenty of vibrant and relevant imagery. At the time both polls, animated gifs and emojis were underutilized in emails. We had a consistent 42% open rate on average (over 10 months).