Duygu Daniels

Duygu Daniels, Sr. Designer & Strategist for Computer Vision Software

Hi! I'm Duygu. I give an embarrassingly loud high-five to anyone who pronounces it right. I'm an Ankara-born Senior Interaction & Interface Designer from NYC mostly focusing on computer vision software. I think a lot about gen z, millennials and how to use creative technologies to build impactful platforms and experiences.

I'm currently living on campus at Stanford, as my luddite husband pursues a PhD in History. 

From artistic to commercial projects, excited to collaborate! Shoot me an email at (portfolio upon quick ping).



Baby Gets A Job  ⟡  Writing a children's book about a dog named Baby who's trying to find her place in the world. 
Contract UX/UI   ⟡  Consulting up to 20h a week on product design, research and strategy.


Osmo  ⟡  Sr. Designer for educational gaming co. with proprietary computer vision/ai experience for kids.


Art++  ⟡  Design lead for Stanford Museum's first AR app & exhibition.
Marx  ⟡  Design lead for first social network built completely around user generated AR, funded by betaworks.
Alright Satellite  ⟡  Designer for Superbright's educational MR experience –Won first prize at Hearst's VR Hackathon.
Oculus launch pad fellow  ⟡  Accepted to 2016 program with concept of connecting meditators.


Enterprise Technology Research  ⟡  Helped develop research firm's R&D lab that offers seed funding & proprietary go-to-market strategies for enterprise software startups, project manager of a ETR's PaaS that enables peer-to-peer due diligence between Fortune 2000 CIO/CTOs. Sought early stage investment opportunities for founders.
ER accelerator  ⟡  Inaugural Program Manager and product design expert, predicted pivots and helped 10+ startups with their design challenges.


Hips & Tips  ⟡  One quick health tip a day, easy to digest  ⟡  Take notes using pictures
Amma ve lakin  ⟡  Clothing line of high-end casual wear


Did a romantic voiceover for a fall/winter campaign  ⟡  Co-organized one of the most talked about political crowdfunding efforts  ⟡  Occasional subject of artist Zeynep Kayan's work  ⟡  Founding member of Dreamers & Doers  ⟡  Ironed a t-shirt once for Sting


Textile & Apparel Manufacturing/Merchandising, Montclair State (chosen as style scout for WGSN, paused college education twice to focus on clothing line)  ⟡  Advanced charcoal drawing (1y)  ⟡  Psychology of Startup Teams (1q, Stanford GSB)  ⟡  General Management, +6 electives on management (Harrison Metal, SF)



A decade of self-portraits.




Join me on my journey as I navigate the waters (mostly seaweed) of life, technology & design. It'll be personal, fairly professional, and will include a variety of perishables. Once or twice a month. Type your email & press enter:


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