Things I believe in and take seriously
by Duygu Daniels

Duygu Daniels

Duygu Daniels, Sr. Designer & Strategist for Computer Vision Software


"As long as computation resides in intangible virtual worlds, it leaves untapped the vast range of human capabilities for working thoughts as things. Things can be seen with the eyes, manipulated with the hands and places in physical space. Dynamicland is a computer with no box. People walk around inside it. Computer-stuff is not made of fleeting ephemeral images ona screen but real physical things that enable people to think with their whole selves"

"Artistic and scientific revolutions are often mistakenly attributed to "lone geniuses" when in fact they emerged from unusually fertile places – Florence in teh Renaissance, the Copenhagen cafes where quantum mechanics was born, Bell Labs... (...) In dance the martial arts communities group learning is spontaneous. Beginners learn by watching advanced students. People see other who are struggling, and offer help or advice. Working in the same physical space as other, performing activities other can observe, learn from, and help with, is a core element of being human. Computer screen bias towards isolated personal spaces. Hallucinatory technologies such as VR and AR pull people even more strongly into private worlds. Dynamicland is a real place, a part of our shared physical reality, not an illusion ona screen. Working in Dynamicland means being present with other people, talking with them, seeing how they work, learning from them and helping them."

"Todays apps are black boxes that cannot be combined, inspected or modified. When you have a need you go to the app store. With cloud-based oracles the mechanism is completely hidden. When it works, you don't know why. When it doesn't work, you're stuck. Dynamicland is not an app store, with one-size-fits-all products to use. Dynamicland is an authoring environment it provides the tools for people to make their own tools, remix the tools of others and develop fleuncy in a medium."