Duygu Daniels

Duygu Daniels, Sr. Designer & Strategist for Computer Vision Software

Amma ve Lakin

With artist Cem Dinlenmis, I cofounded this high-end clothing line (knitwear) during my sophomore year in college. I built relationships with Turkish manufacturers who consequently became our investors, and I oversaw all outsourcing and manufacturing. We launched two separate collections, including multiple rounds of sample production, and we sold for four seasons in New York and Istanbul, distributing both online and in boutiques. Various Turkish celebrities and influencers have praised and worn AVL, and we were featured in Turkish national newspapers and blogs. We were especially flattered when Urban Outfitters (we were professionally in-touch) knocked off one of our designs.

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"Hot damn. If Cem and I had launched our brand Amma ve Lakin today instead of in 2007, the experience of running our high-end clothing line would have been completely different. We hailed from an era when Facebook pages had just launched, e-commerce sites werenā€™t easy to set up, and nobody was interested in each others lunches..."

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